Electric bike in the Sorrento coast

Electric bike in the Sorrento coast

The electric bike is the trending green mean of transport. The Sorrento peninsula and the Amalfi coast, due to their geographical conformation, result to be a particularly suitable territory for this mean of transport. First of all, indeed, the electric bike helps to preserve the Sorrento peninsula’s places with a high landscape and an environmental value from the smog and, secondly, it allows tourists and locals to move smartly avoiding the traffic. Another reason is that the many climbs and the downhills make biking difficult for those who are less trained.

Why then shouldn’t we use the assisted pedaling to not get a good experience in the fresh air?

In this article we’ll see how an electric bike works and where is possible to rent it in the Sorrento peninsula.

The electric bike

The electric bike works thanks to an electric propulsion engine linked to a rechargeable battery which is able to activate and disactivate itself automatically. The engine is turned on by the pedaling and provides a “help” to the cyclist. That doesn’t mean that the electric bikes can’t function even as normal pedal bikes. The battery life depends on the battery’s capacity, on the cyclist’s weight, on the number of stops and re-starts etc. Generally, an electric bike’s battery has got an autonomy of about 50 Km.

Rent and load electric bikes in the Sorrento peninsula

The electric bike’s battery must be recharged with great attention. In the Sorrento peninsula and in the Amalfi coast there aren’t public places to recharge, but it’s possible to ask to some state-of-the-art accommodation facilities that provide to their clients and who’s in need of it, electric bikes and recharge stations.

For example, this is the case of the Gocce di Capri resort in Termini, close to the trekking paths for the Ieranto bay and for the Punta Campanella (read more about the trekking in the Sorrento peninsula and the Amalfi coast). Indeed, the resort allows both to rent electric bikes and to recharge them thanks to the recharge stations installed.

The resort hosts as well the Tonno & Campari, restaurant, a swimming pool and a bar, and it’s the perfect place to stay or even just for a refreshment and recharge during your journey with the electric bike.

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