Anacapri: the other side of Capri island

Anacapri: the other side of Capri island

The Capri island, known in the whole world for its stacks, for its square, for the shopping streets and for its crystal-clear sea, is divided in two municipalities, Capri and indeed, Anacapri. For its landscapes and its attractions, Anacapri is a must for every island tour.

Anacapri: things to know

The Anacapri name comes from the Greek word “ana” which means “up”, and Capri. Indeed, Anacapri is placed on an upper position compared to Capri, on the Solaro Mountain’s side, and this settlement was likely born when the island’s inhabitants begin to step away from the coast to protect themselves from the attacks and from the plunders that came from the sea.

Anacapri is the ideal destination for those who want to dedicate themselves to excursions and walks. Its streets’ beauty, always calmer compared to those in the center, make this village the tourists and inhabitants, who are looking for beauty, relax and calmness, their favorite one.

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What to visit

Among the most relevant things to visit in Anacapri, there is definitely the Saint Michele Villa. It was built by the Swedish writer and doctor Axel Munthe who decided to restructure an old convent dedicated to Saint Michele and transform it in its personal residence. Today, the Axel Munthee house has become an unmissable tourist destination where it’s possible to admire the wonderful garden, the house and the breathtaking landscapes.

Not far from the villa, it’s possible to visit the Saint Michele Church, known for its remarkable eighteenth-century majolica flooring.

From a naturalistic point of view, it’s possible to get to the Solaro Mountain from Anacapri by chair lift and even the descend that takes to the famous blue cave. It’s possible, indeed, to visit the blue cave both by sea and both by land.

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During a stay in Capri or Anacapri, it’s unmissable a visit to the Punta Carena’s lighthouse and to its cliff from where it’s possible to enjoy an unforgettable sunset drinking a cocktail.

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