Li Galli: the Amalfi coast’s hidden paradise

Li Galli: the Amalfi coast’s hidden paradise

The little arcipelago of Li Galli is one of the most exclusive places in the enchanting setting of the Amalfi coast. Here’s possible to stay, have a dinner out, or just dive into the calmness to relax.

It’s about an archipelago made of three little islands off Positano, surrounded by a really intense blue sea. Unknown to most people, today it’s undoubtedly one of the most suggestive places in the Mediterranean: some very fragrant species flower, some limestone rocks of Apennine origins, some dolphins jumping in the waters during the day and … the peace.

Cradle of mermaids and home of famous actors and dancers, is one of the wonderful pearls that make this coast area more precious with a unique nature and a breathtaking landscape.

Gallo Lungo is the greatest island with an impressing dolphin shape, that’s placed between the Capri island and the Positano land, and, with its minor sisters La Rotonda and La Castelluccia, gets into the Punta Campanella protect marine area.

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Li Galli: charm and legend

Li Galli is an archipelago, both mysterious and seducing, and the protagonist of many myths and legends since the times of ancient Romans. In ancient times it was called Sirenuse because, just like at those times, still nowadays it’s said that these cliffs were the theatre of many shipwrecks caused by very strong currents and by the sirens, that in the mythology have always been the obstacles’ symbol along the way of many boats in navigation.

Only some, indeed, have been able to overcome them.

Among the many stories that are told, the most famous one is about Ulysses returning back from the Trojan war, where he gets tied up to its sheep’s master tree in order to listen to the famous and bewitching song of the sirens, and he has to resist if he wants to go on with his journey. So, after having plugged his sailors’ ears, to avoid that they could be bewitched, listens without any possibility to get to them.

Even the argonauts ship goes through those places without indulging to that same calling. Orfeo, indeed, decides to play the lira, winning sweetly against the sirens, who, disappointed, let themselves fall in the waters transforming in cliffs.

Around the 1920, the Russian choreographer Leonilde Massime bought the entire archipelago. After that, in the 1989, Rudolf Nureyev, one of the most famous dancers of that times, got the islands giving to one of the best architects, Le Corbusier, the construction project of some wonderful buildings.

Today the owner is an Italian entrepreneur that in 1990 has made Li Galli a real court on the waters attended by famous people like Jacqueline Kennedy and Hilary Clinton, and movie characters like Sofia Loren, Greta Garbo and Roberto Rossellini.

How to get to the little archipelago

The most comfortable way to get to this paradise on earth is definitely to loan a boat or to book a private tour. It’s better not to lose the most wonderful views, known only by the inhabitants. This trip boat is something unique in life: don’t waste it and enjoy each single beauty!

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