The Capri island boat tour: what’s interesting to see

The Capri island boat tour: what’s interesting to see

The Capri island is definitely one of the most known islands in the world. Each year it attracts thousands of tourists flooding into the island to enjoy its beauty and glamour. The Capri island deserves two visits, one by land and the other one by sea. By land to admire the famous small square, the shopping streets, the Solar mountain… and by sea to admire the several caves, bays and beaches.

In this article we dig into the Capri island boat tour for all those who don’t want to lose a wonderful experience in contact with the island’s crystal-clear sea.

The Capri island boat tour

There are many beauties that we can admire through a boat tour in Capri, and that’s why it’s recommended to rely on an organized tour where the skipper will guide you into the discover of one of the most fascinating and hidden island’s places and one of the most beautiful beaches.

It’s impossible to think about a boat tour in Capri without going through the popular Faraglioni. They are off the coast of Capri island and accessible exclusively by boat. The Faraglioni name came from the fire that was turned on in the past on these cliffs to indicate the routes to the boats at sea to avoid collisions. One of the three Faraglioni is popular for its natural and navigable cave, every day dozens of boats go through this natural cavity and the guide always suggest to the tourists to give a tender kiss to their own partner, in fact there’s a saying that giving a kiss while going through the Faraglioni leads to eternal love.

Another iconic place of the Capri island and an unmissable stage of the journey for a boat tour is the Grotta Azzurra (Light Blue Cave). The Grotta Azzurra can be visited even getting there by foot through some stairs that goes down to Anacapri village. The cave’s name comes from the color of the water, that, due to a play of the lights, ends up having an intense blue color. According to a legend, the Grotta Azzurra might have been the emperus Tiberius’ private swimming pool, who got there through a passage directly built in his Capri villa. Accessing there might often imply a long waiting (both by sea and by land) but the wait is definitely worth.

Other beauties that can be admired are the Grotta dello Champagne (Champagne’s Cave), named in this way due to a water puff that goes out periodically from the rocks (just like opening a bottle of champagne!) and the green cave which’s name indicates the water’s emerald color.

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Capri boat tour: the beaches and taking a bath

The boat tour means the sea and the navigation, but what kind of boat tour would it be if there weren’t some stops to take a bath and relax in the island’s waters? Your skipper will take care of stopping when you wish in bays and beaches where you’ll can take a fresh bath. The island’s beaches where it’s possible to stop are described lately.

The Marina Grande is the closest beach to the port and the busiest one (and the most crowded as well) due to the many tourists that arrive at the island by ferry and want to combine a fresh bath with the island visit. It’s the greatest Capri’s beach and it’s divided in a free section and one with sunbeds, bar and restaurants.

On the other side of the island there’s a little marina where, close to it, there’s a sheltered zone where your boat tour will definitely stop you to make you take a bath.

Another beach, yet more difficult to get to it (both by sea and by land) it’s the lighthouse’s beach, the most visited by the island’s inhabitants and provided of an ideal bar to have a drink watching the sunset. The lighthouse that dominates the beach is one of the greatest and more important ones in Italy.

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