5 Things To do in Amalfi

5 Things To do in Amalfi

Located on the Amalfi coast between Sorrento and Salerno Amalfi is a lovely little village with a lot of history and well worth visiting. The area is known for its beautiful ceramics, quaint fishing villages, and wonderful and surprising views.

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5 things to do in amalfi

Here are 5 Things to do in Amalfi

  1. Visit D’Arte Pascal- Although Amalfi has many ceramic shops most make cheap wares to sell to tourists. The D’Arte Pascal is the exception to these touristy places. The shop is filled with exquisite beautifully crafted ceramics of amazing hues and colors and for the quality of workmanship this shop offers their prices are quite reasonable. It is a great place to pick up a few gifts or a souvenir of your visit to Amalfi.
  2. Duomo di Sant’ Andrea- One of the 5 must do things in Amalfi is to visit the 9th century cathedral the Duomo di Sant’ Andrea. While it is quite a climb to get the cathedral it is worth the effort once you get to the top. The church is beautiful inside and out and the view from church is amazing. Once inside the cathedral you can visit the cloisters, the crypt and main cathedral and study the relics and artifacts that reflect much of the churches history.
  3. Villa Cimbrone Gardens- The Villa Cimbrone Gardens, located in Ravello, a town near Amalfi, are well worth the visit when in the Amalfi coast. These gardens were once part of a larger vast estate, and are filled with various types of flowers. As you walk down the garden paths you will see a number of fountains, Nymphea, statues, Pavilions and even miniature temples from all over the world. At the end of the gardens is the Infinity Terrace that offers you spectacular views of the Amalfi coast. It is the view from this terrace that Gore Vidal once said was “the most beautiful world in the world.”
  4. Amalfi Coast to Capri Cruise- Another of the 5 things to do in Amalfi is to take an Amalfi coast to Capri Cruise. You’ll get some great views of some of the fishing villags, awe inspiring rock formations, and nature preserves along the coast. You’ll also get plenty of opportunities to swim and eat and drink as well as listen to stories the captain will tell regarding different points along the cruise. It’s a great way to soak up some sunshine and history at the same time.
  5. Valle delle Ferriere Trek- If you really want to explore Amalfi then the Valle delle Ferriere Trek should be a must on your travel agenda. During this guided tour your will get learn a lot about the history of the area from 1200 to 1800 and see the ruins of ancient paper mills. Along the way you see gardens where the Sfusato Amalfito lemons grow (Huge lemons) waterfalls and even get to explore a nature preserve.

These 5 things to do in Amalfi is only a taste of what a visit to the area has to offer.

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