Is Naples a dangerous city?

Is Naples a dangerous city?

Naples, south Italy’s capital, the beauty monument, the sun and the sea’s city.
Naples, Gomorra kingdom, haunted by the delinquency, the most dangerous city to visit.

Which one is the truth?
Despite the mass tourism began to attend Naples a long time ago, there are still many people afraid of
visiting it: the stories about the thefts, the robberies and the murders easily travel around the world, just
like the rubbish images on the streets.

But, does the tourist really have to be afraid of visiting Naples?

The answer is no.

Of course, the good sense imposes to walk along the city streets with a little bit of caution: for example, it’s
not appropriate to go out with the bag opened, show off great value items or walking on less busy roads in
the night. Just like in any other city in the world, on the other hand.
There is some alarmism about some districts’ dangerousness. It’s said that the Sanità, the Forcella and the
Spanish Quarters are places to absolutely avoid, because the danger is just behind the corner and you can
risk assaults and robberies at any moment.

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Another legend to dispel about Naples.

The Sanità ward has been for years the protagonist of a cultural and social rebirth, with the commitment of
many associations that are giving life to the area, through the organization of several important events (the
“White Night to the Sanità” has become a must for the Neapolitans) and a daily commitment goal-oriented
to the gradual district recovery. At the Sanità, there are many interesting touristic attractions, from the
Fontanelle Graveyard to the Totò’s house, to the wonderful Saint Mary Basilica and the Saint Gaudioso
catacombs, one of the most admirable examples of the early Christian archeology of the south.

Forcella is changing as well. The district, which was full of crime just ten years ago, hosts today one of the
most known city murals, the Saint Gennaro of Jorit (among the most known Italian street artists), some
libraries always frequented as well as the Michele pizzeria, one of the gastronomy temples made in Naples.
The Spanish Quarters are today one of the most visited places of the city: the lively and narrow alleys that
go up to the centered Toledo Street, are spread today by restaurants, taverns and pubs full of people day
and night. In the ward, furthermore, there are many activities of high social and cultural value (recently
there is even a book Fair!).

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Is Naples dangerous: conclusions

In conclusion, Naples can be dangerous only if we’re not cautious. If you go looking for danger, you’ll find it.
However, the advice that we’d like to give to the tourist who’s about to visit the city is to do it without
prejudices, and to associate the “classic” places visit (from the Ovo Castle to the Maschio Angioino, from
the seaside to the Decumani, from the San Martino certosa to the shopping streets) to have at least a walk
in the three districts we’ve just talked about, to advance in the Naples center and get to know the most
authentic soul.

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