Marina del Cantone: an amazing sea experience

Marina del Cantone: an amazing sea experience

The Marina del Cantone, in the Massa Lubrense municipality, is one of the most famous marinas in the Sorrento peninsula. Known for its landscapes, the crystal-clear water and the famous restaurants, it’s the place where the famous Nerano spaghetti recipe was invented and represents a stop sought after by tourists and travelers who choose to visit the Sorrento peninsula and the Amalfi coast.

It’s possible to get here with your own car or with the buses that depart often from Sorrento and take visitors all along the way up to the beach. To get to the beach, the road goes through Sant’ Agata, through Termini (where it’s possible to take the pathway for Punta Campanella) and Nerano, a fishing village known, among other things, to be the access for the Ieranto bay.

The small and calm Marina del Cantone has become a privileged destination for VIPs and celebrities that choose it due to its restaurants, its beaches and the beauty of its landscapes.

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Snorkeling and water sports in Marina del Cantone

The Marina del Cantone’s waters have been declared an environmental marine reserve with the goal to preserve the marine biodiversity. The marina has got a 11 square kilometers extension and takes the name from the Punta Campanella’s marine park. The reserve protects the flora and the fauna immerged in these wonderful waters, giving snorkeling fans the possibility to observe many fish species, shellfish and marine flora.

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How to get to the Marina del Cantone

It’s possible to get to the Marina del Cantone by car or by bus (for the most adventures ones it’s possible to rent an electric bike).

The majority of the buses depart from the Sorrento station, to get there it’s possible to use the Circumvesuviana trains that every half an hour go through all of the inhabited centers between Napoli and Sorrento. Once you get to the Sorrento station, you’ll find regular buses that departs about every hour and that will take you to the destination in one hour.

By car, it’s possible to get to the Marina del Cantone through the SS 145 following the directions for Sant’ Agata and Massa Lubrense, once you get to this middle point, it’ll be enough to keep going on the SS 145 following the directions for Nerano up to getting to the destination. There you will find a large parking by the hour where it’ll be possible to leave the car.

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