Capri Island: 7 Things to do

Capri Island: 7 Things to do

If you are looking to enjoy a quiet holiday filled with beautiful sights and relaxing things to do, then a visit to Capri Island is the place to be. This lovely little island may be quite small, but makes it for it’s size with it’s wonderful atmosphere and larger than life views. Here are 7 things to do in Capri.

Capri Island boat tour

Take A Boat Tour Around The Island- No trip to Capri without taking a boat trip around this gorgeous island. It’s the best way to really get to view the changes colors of sea, as well as blue, white and green grottos these beautiful watery caves are well worth seeing. And, of course the famous Faraglioni rock.

Living the island

Visit The Villa Lysis- The Villa Lysis is just a 30 minute walk from the main plaza and well worth the stroll as both as both the villa and the gardens surrounding it are absolutely breathtaking. Built in 1904 by French Count Jacques Fersen, who exiled himself from Paris following a scandal his Villa has a lot of his character.

Piazza Umberto 1- The Piazza Umberto one is the famous square on the island of Carpi and a great place to visit to soak up a little spirit of Italy. The Piazza is often visit making it a great place to people watch as well as visit some of the cute shops. The square is also close to the Cathedral and Clock Tower so you can get in a lot of sightseeing in just one afternoon.

Augustus Gardens- When most people thing of Capri they think of the blue sea and lush green And the Augustus Gardens will give you both a beautiful lush garden designed in terraces and cooling ocean breezes making a visit to this beautiful place both relaxing and eye-catching. Stroll along the garden paths and take in some of the lovely flowers and plants then go off for a relaxing lunch.

Capri Island: Marina Piccola and Villa San Michele

Marina Piccola- No trip to Italy would be complete without doing a bit of sunbathing and perhaps even taking a swim so the Marina Piccola is a must visit stop when visiting Capri. This small harbor gets a good deal sun making it warm enough to sunbathe here even during the winter months. However, if you are visiting the island in warmer weather then you can make your way from the Marina to either two free beaches close by.

Villa San Michele- The Villa San Michele is worth a visit. This was the home of a Swedish doctor named Axel Munthe and the house and the gardens of this village is filled with his personal collections that run the gambit from Archaeological artifacts from Rome and Eqypt to modern 20th century art and everything in between.
If you are planning a trip to Capri you may want to put a visit to some of these sites on your itinerary.

Where to stay in Capri

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